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CAC Japan
3-12-10 Naka-Ochiai
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Headquarters -Tokyo Japan

Highly specialized recruiters with extensive experience
in their chosen area of expertise, strategically
working with the best foreign capital companies in Tokyo.

License No: 13-Ġ-301221

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Practice Groups

Our business at CAC specializes in different business segments; therefore
our consultants have very specific, deep knowledge of their area of the market. This gives them the opportunity to offer you the best possible career advice and opportunities. We believe that being focused on a specific area
of the market is an indispensable and essential skill set that is necessary to
be an excellent and effective consultant.

Areas of Expertise

Software, Storage and Networking:

Japan is a unique market with strong and long-established Japanese vendors competing both domestically and internationally with many foreign capital companies that continue to make strong inroads in Japan. As globalization
and technological innovation continue to reshape the competitive landscape, these companies will continue to need highly skilled, internationally minded professionals to meet the ever changing needs of the future.

At CAC we work with many of the foreign capital market leaders and market innovators that continue to reshape the dynamics of the software and infrastructure markets. We believe our clients are in a position to continue to thrive in Japan, while contributing to the overall growth of the Japanese economy and its place in the expanding global economy.


Japan is the hardware electronics capital of the world. Semiconductor
Devices are an incredibly important part of the economy. The market can
be volatile and it has seen its fair share of ups and downs in recent years.
The good news is things are improving. Experts are forecasting that over
the next five years we will see compound growth in this area, mostly due
to the strengthening consumer spending in a growing Japanese economy.

At CAC we have partnered with foreign capital semiconductor companies
from all over the world. We are strategically focused on working with companies within this space that are very large and famous or smaller companies that have strong growth potential both now and in the future.


Japan is home to the most demanding consumers in the world. International companies have been known to launch their new products in Japan first with the idea that if the product is successful in Japan, it will be successful in
other parts of the world. With such demanding consumers, consumer goods companies must have the top sales and marketing people to fight for
consumerfs attention and product shelf space.

CAC delivers these top people. For the candidate, CAC offers opportunities
in a range of areas including Beverage, Food, Household Goods, Cosmetics
and Medical Devices. CAC also works with the most recognized names in IT B2C companies offering consumer good candidates even more opportunities
to advance their career. Our clients are regularly listed in the Fortune 100, Fortune's "Most Admired Companies" and Fortune's "Best Companies
to Work For".

Our Services

Recruiting and placement
of qualified candidates
in the following areas
of technology:

Software, Storage
and Networking

Consider us as a long term business partner.


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